Raymond Lui

Real Estate Investor & Co-Founder, Supreme6ix Team

My name is Raymond and I am a real estate enthusiast. I live and breathe everything real estate related. Since 2006, I have taken an all-encompassing approach to understanding this field by learning all facets. I am a real estate agent, investor for commercial and residential properties, private lender, mortgage agent, and above all else, I help family and friends diversify their investments through a properly allocated real estate portfolio.

As an investor, my portfolio consists of single/multi-family rental properties, commercial apartments, private lending and pre-construction condos. I currently have a portfolio of 65+ rental units along with other real estate related investments both locally and internationally. I know what it takes to find a good investment and I plan on continually growing my personal portfolio while helping others around me do the same.

In my opinion, the key to a successful real estate portfolio is diversification. Diversification is what allows investors to reduce the level of risk while potentially improving returns. Keep in mind, not every strategy will be suitable for everyone as this depends entirely on their individual goals, finances, risk tolerance, both micro and macro factors that impact local real estate (i.e., interest rates, unemployment rate etc). My goal is to provide the proper education of these strategies and tailor them to each investor.