Seannelle Bronilla

Real Estate Realtor, Supreme6ix Team

After years working in multiple industries from everything from hospitality to marketing, the real estate industry is the latest sector Seannelle has set out to conquer.

She first became fascinated with real estate after making close friends who worked in renovation and home design, then completing her AUTOCAD certification to work at a custom kitchen and millwork company. After working multiple Remax national home shows, her passion grew from wanting not only to be involved with home renovation, but also in early purchasing stages as well.

At age 23, she invested in her first pre-construction condo. After learning the value of investing in homes and the importance of owning assets, she continued developing new strategies of diversifying her income streams. From her experience working with women, she’s learned firsthand how maximizing your wealth can empower you and lead you to even more success. Now, as a realtor, sharing knowledge and financial literacy has become one of her top priorities.

Seannelle has a wide variety of work experience spanning multiple industries and is continuously on her grind, investing in startups and acquiring new properties, among other endeavors. The diversity of her experience gives her unique insight into the Toronto market.

As a highly ambitious woman, clients cite her tenacity and unrelenting enthusiasm as her key strengths. She takes pride in uplifting her clients, ensuring all their needs are exceeded and counts your successes as her own.