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Hope you’re all healthy and staying safe. Recently due to the lockdown and the stress level from work, I feel as though my body and my mind have been both sluggish. I have been going to the gym less frequently and my main stress relief is usually from travelling. However, since we are still in lockdown this doesn’t seem like that’s happening anytime soon. 希望你们身体健康、平安。最近,由于封锁和工作的压力,我觉得我的身体和头脑都開始迟钝了起來,因为封锁的关系,我去健身房的频率变低,加上本來我的主要减压方式是透过旅行。然而,由于我们仍然处于封锁状态,这個目标似乎不会很快发生,相信大家应该都快要闷疯了吧!

Recently I’ve noticed that I have a loss of appetite, my energy level is not at its peak which translates to less productivity. I did some research and found a clinic that focuses on high-performance medicine. What makes them unique is a systematic measurable approach that uses medical knowledge, lab testing, nutrition and natural medicine for a client to achieve peak health functioning and performance. Even though this is normally geared towards professional athletes and elite executives I can still take advantage of this and reach my personal peak performance. I’ll begin a series of tests in the coming weeks and I’ll have to follow a stringent plan. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. I’ll report on this on my next blog and keep you updated on the progress! 最近我注意到,我食欲不振,我的能量水平降低導致生产力下降。我做了一些研究,并找到了一个专注于提高健康效能的医学诊所。使它们独一无二的是一种系统衡量方法,使用医学知识、实验室测试、营养和自然医学为客户提升健康与能量。虽然这診所通常的目标客群是职业运动员和精英高管,我相信可以利用这一点,逐步达到我的个人巅峰表现。我将开始一系列的测试,在即将到来的几个星期,我将遵循一个严格的健康管理计划。我期待着未来的改变。我会在我的下一个文章上报告, 并随时通知你最新进展!

On the real estate side of things, at one of our 25 unit apartment buildings we just recently finished with our electrical suite metering. If you don’t know what this is, electrical suite meters aka known as sub-meters are just meters that are installed to a property and their main function is it measures each tenant’s electricity consumption. This way tenants are billed individually and pay only for the amount of electricity they consume. 在房地产方面,在我们的25个单位公寓出租大楼,最近刚刚完成了我们的計量电表架設。如果你不知道这是什么,計量电表是安装到房屋大楼的电表,其主要功能是测量每个租户的用电量。这样,每個租户將单独计费,是一种使用者付费的概念,用多少电就付多少钱。

The reason why I did this is that I have an 11-unit apartment building my partners and I own. We converted from one single meter to 11 individual meters that measure the electricity usage for each unit. The Installation cost came up to around $13,000 all in. 之所以这样做,是因为我有另一个11个出租单元的公寓楼,我們將一個大楼電表,转换成11个单独計量電表,用于测量每个出租房的用电量,安装费用约 13 ,000 元。

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The electricity bill at the time when electricity cost was included in each of the tenant’s rents came up to approximately $15,000. Out of that $15,000 the common area accounted for approximately $3000. 以前租金含电费的时候,總电费约15,000元,其中公共区域占约3,000元。

Over the years, when all the tenants were eventually paying their own electricity, my electricity bill ended up dropping by approximately $12,000 leaving me with a bill of approximately $3000 which again is the electricity that covers just the common areas. 後來安裝獨立電表,当所有的租户支付自己的电费之後,整个电费只剩下公共区域的费用,也就是大约3000元。

This $12,000 in savings just from my electricity bill at a 5% cap rate equates to approximately $240,000 of forced equity to the value of my property. 这个从电费省下的 12,000 元,以5%的资产投报率来算,让我的投资物业相当于升值约 240,000元。

The goal of suite metering it allows us, to take control of our electricity budget by forcing tenants to pay for their own usage and it impacts our bottom line by increasing the overall value of the building. 所以整个独立电表安装的目的,就是透过租户自行支付自己的电力使用费,来控制整个公寓维护上的电力的对象,并提升整个公寓大楼的资产价值。

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For our 25 unit apartment building, we will see significant cost savings after this winter. Based on our projections, we’re expecting our property value to increase by $400,000 just from the suite metering alone after investing approximately $35,000. 所以同樣的方法套入在我们的 25 个单位公寓楼,預期在这个冬天可以見到公寓的维运成本显著降低。根据我们的预测,透過投資35,000的電表安裝费,预计我们的物业价值将增值400,000元。

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