OCT BLOG: A Great Investment Strategy Where You Can Make Money Even During Times of Uncertainty 好的投资策略,让你在逆境中赚钱.

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I’m very happy to announce the completion of another investment project, utilizing the BRRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refi and Repeat) strategy with my buddy Ricky. If you’re unfamiliar with the BRRRR strategy, do check out some of my previous blogs or videos post our Supreme6ix’s Instagram account: “thesupreme6ixteam.” 很高兴地宣布,我与我的朋友Ricky利用BRRRR(购买,装修,出租,重贷和重复)战略成功完成新的投资项目。如果你不熟悉BRRRR 策略, 请查看我以前的一些文章或视频,搜索并追踪我们的Instagram 帐户: ” thesupreme6ixteam ” 。

This project definitely had its fair share of challenges since it’s the first BRRRR during COVID. There were a lot of things going wrong with this one. Many of the tradespeople were not working. The few that worked only felt safe to do so when they worked alone in the building. Materials were either out of stock or on backorder for over a month. Halfway, through the project, our contractor got arrested. There are currently allegations against him but he has not been proven guilty so we do not want to assume the worst. I had to look for another contractor that was willing to complete the job. 这个项目我們面臨了巨大的挑战,因为它是第一个在 Covid 期间成功实行的BRRRR策略。为什么有这么大的挑战,因为在疫情期间,许多人不工作,就算愿意工作,如裝修作業,只有在独自工作保持社交距離时才感到安全。一个多月来,材料要么缺货,要么要重新下订单。更离谱的是,我们的装修承包商因私人犯罪因素被逮捕,虽然目前罪名尚未成立,但是我也因此不得不重新找一个包商。

Contrary to what people might think, it probably didn’t make sense to do a BRRRR during the height of these troubling times. Fortunately, despite all the challenges things still worked out well within our guidelines. 与一般人们的想法相反,在这个令人不安的时期,进行这样一个投资项目,可能没有意义甚至有巨大风险。幸运的是,尽管存在种种挑战,但事情仍然在我们订定的工作指引下顺利进行。

A number of people have asked me to share some more actual numbers on this particular project so here it is 很多人对于项目投资项目的相关数据有兴趣,这边向大家公开:

Purchase Price购置价格: $375,000

New Appraised Value (After 6 Months)  装修后房产估值(6 个月后): $650,000

New Mortgage Amount (80%) 新贷款金额 (80%房产价值): $520,000


The payout from the Re-finance 从新贷款取出的钱: $206,000

– Down Payment + Closing cost首付款及交屋款:  $106,000

– Renovation Cost 装修费用: $138,000 

Left in Property 淨投入资金: $38,000  (Left in the Property)

Monthly Gross Cash Flow 每月租金收入: $4115/m

which is more than enough to cover all our operation expenses!                                                      

If you’re curious as to how this turned out here are some photos and a vlog from our walkthrough of the building如果你很好奇这个策略的执行成果,这边有个短视频可以一探究竟。


* Super proud of Ricky for pulling the trigger on his very first BRRRR investment property! Hope he had much fun as I did

As much as we would have liked to pull 100% of our capital out of the property we ended leaving in approximately $38,000 which is equivalent to 5.8% of the property value. In other words, we bought a fully renovated income property for just 5.8% down.


In my opinion, this is a very powerful strategy if executed properly. It works, it’s repeatable, and it enables me to build a passive stream of income through long-term wealth in real estate. 就我的观点,若执行得当,这是一个非常强而有力的执行策略,帮助我建立长远的房产投资收入。

If you’re interested in learning more about this strategy or would like to joint venture or partner in a few of the projects we have coming up, free feel to reach out to me at raymondlui622@gmail.com or on IG: raylui0622 如果你对这种投资策略有兴趣,也想要参与,欢迎与我联系 at raymondlui622@gmail.com or IG:raylui0622。

Until next time! 我們下次見!

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