<< Live The Life You Want>> New Year, New Problems…Moving Chocolate Chips Cookies Anyone? 新的一年,新挑战、新气象

Happy New Year Everyone! Wish you all a healthy and successful 2021! Things are looking up and we should keep positive. Well, I hope your new year started off better than mine. I shared in my previous blog that my partner and I had purchased another multifamily unit. The first order of the new year for this building was to manage a cockroach/bedbug infestation. This is my first-time seeing fumigation at this scale take place. We had to do this for 12 units to ensure the whole building was completely sanitized just because 3 units had the infestation and we didn’t want it to spread. One unit housed 3 students that we just evicted. They left a lot of their belongings behind which were covered by bugs. We called three junk removal companies and they all declined the job until a proper pest treatment was done. The place was so bad that after the technicians sprayed into the kitchen cabinets it began to look like a sea of moving chocolate chips against the brown background (Sorry if I ruined your future experience with chocolate chip cookies just wanted you to visualize my pain). 新年快乐!祝大家 2021 年身体健康、万事如意!相信大家新的一年跟我比起来肯定好得多,为什么这样说呢?我在之前的文章中分享过,我和我的合作伙伴购买了另一个出租公寓,没想到新年的第一个任务是处理蟑螂跟臭虫的侵扰。这是我第一次執行这麽大规模的除蟲任務,雖然只有其中3个单位有蟲害的困擾,但我们為了避免它蔓延,我们不得不为12个出租单位这样做,以确保整个建筑徹底消毒。主要的原因是其中一个出租单位原本住了3个学生,最近才搬走,但沒想到他们留下了垃圾、造成許多虫子滋生。我们叫了三家清潔公司,他们都拒绝了这项工作,除非完全的殺死害虫。可以想見这个地方是有多麽糟糕,当除虫专业人士来到公寓进行除虫作业时,一大堆蟲子聚集逃跑看起来像一个超大型移动巧克力片(对不起,我只是想让大家能够明白我当时的痛苦,希望不要让大家以后不敢吃巧克力)。

Not to mention, coordinating this treatment was a “pain in the ass.” Most of the tenants were appreciative and grateful that we were taking action in addressing the pest issues, which the previous landlord did not. A few on the other hand resented the inconvenience it caused being a weekend and there is nowhere to go, due to the pandemic. One tenant even went as far as lying, claiming that her son had contracted COVID and that no one was to enter the unit. This was obviously a lie because her child came running out of the unit while playing with other kids in the neighbourhood. After we informed her of the consequences and asked her to provide us with documentation from the COVID test results, she relented and gave us access. Yes, this sucks, but the time and effort put in today will result in future gains down the road. These are just examples of daily issues you will have to deal with as a real estate investor. 其他的房客都非常感激我们采取行动解决害虫问题,因爲以前的房东並没有这样做。 另一方面,有一个房客迟迟不交房租,也不愿意让我们去视察他的单位,居然骗我们她的儿子有covid,借此阻止我们进入。但这显然是个谎言,因为她的孩子在和邻居其他孩子玩耍,跑来跑去,最后他才承认他撒謊。 是的, 这太糟糕了, 所以当房东其实不是这么简单,不是收收租金就好,有一大堆事情要处理,还有就是面對不同素质的房客。

I’m also super proud of my team, Supreme6ix. Our team received the Toronto Team of the Year Award. I’m thankful to be a part of such a dedicated group of talented agents and can’t believe how far we’ve come. 除了处理投资房的瑣事之外,我实在是为我的团队Supreme6ix,感到骄傲。我们的团队获得了多伦多年度地产团队奖。

I would like to also welcome our newest member to our team, Cris. Cris joins the team with 7+ years of experience in construction with projects ranging from residential and condominium to commercial and civil construction. His rigorous understanding of quality and value combined with his industry relationships allow him to directly communicate with clarity and trust, ensuring the best investment for his clients. Super excited to have him on board! 我很開心能领导这样一群才华横溢的团队。我还要欢迎我们的最新成员Cris加入我们的团队,他拥有 7 年以上的建设背景,项目范围从住宅、公寓到商业建筑。他对房产质量和价值的理解,加上他的背景与经验,使他能够确保为客户提供最好的投资。

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing be sure to check out some of my latest videos on Instagram. 如果你有兴趣了解更多房地产投资的信息,一定要看看我在Instagram上的一些最新的视频。


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